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Easy Cove Wall Base (2021)

Easy Cove Wall Base

When it comes to wall cove systems designed to be paired with epoxy, nothing beats Easy Cove Wall Base.

An image of EasyCove flake epoxy resin wall base in action.

Compared to other traditional wall cove systems, the speed at which EasyCove can be applied is unmatched. Each segment is four feet long, and in combination with the specially formulated adhesive, marrying lengths together for a large space is incredibly fast and simple. Installing EasyCove on a full-length section of wall takes mere minutes, saving an incredible amount of time and money on installation.

EasyCove has been brilliantly engineered to create a second-to-none bond to the walls and floor. With its patented dual bond channels and cove anchor systems, EasyCove outperforms and outshines any other wall cove base on the market.

Unlike other wall cove bases, EasyCove delivers on the safety component better than anyone else. If you held a lighter to any part of the product it would not light. Additionally, when installed correctly, EasyCove creates a complete moisture barrier that keeps any moisture from seeping between the wall base and the wall preventing mold growth. This is an incredibly important attribute in medical and foodservice applications.

An image of a flake epoxy garage floor with Easy Cove wall basing.

Additionally, EasyCove is significantly lighter than competing products which drastically reduces material costs and freight costs, by allowing more products to be packed into one shipping box.

All of these attributes add up to EasyCove being easily the best solution for an epoxy wall cove base. From its affordability to its durability, nothing on the market compares to what EasyCove can offer. Since we have discussed EasyCove's properties and benefits, it is time to get into the details of how Easy Cove is applied.

Application Process

When it comes to applying EasyCove, the process is relatively simple. With this article and the attached video, we hope to shed light on the industry tips and tricks involving this product.

EasyCove Wall Base comes in three different sizes - 1 inch, 4 inch, and 6 inch, depending on what the specifications are for your job. In each of the sizes, Easy Cove comes in 4 foot long sections making transportation easy and installation much quicker.

Additionally, EasyCove is designed to be used with both EasyCove Adhesive and EasyCove Joint Sealer. These are specifically designed by EasyCove to be the best performing adhesive and sealer. For every 5 pieces, you will need one tube of the adhesive and for every 3 pieces, you will need one tube of the joint sealer.

EasyCove Wall Base is naturally gray, very similar to concrete, which prevents color shifting in topcoats. Additionally, the wall base features a one-of-a-kind concrete surface profile so even the lightest layers of epoxy will adhere to EasyCove without any worry of de-lamination.

Alternative Adhesive Technique

As jobs get larger and larger, the money you will spend on EasyCove Adhesive and Joint Sealer will reach staggering heights. To combat this scenario, legendary epoxy specialist Robert Maviglia from Polished Concrete University has created a mixture combining epoxy resin and thixofix. To do this, Robert mixes the premixed epoxy parts, both A and B, in with the thixofix creating a substance with a mashed potato-like consistency.

After you have the adhesive mixture all completed, place the wall base on the wall, without adhesive, and tape around the bottom and top to protect the wall/floor from getting unwanted adhesive residue.

Once the walls and floors have been taped off appropriately, remove the cove base from the wall and smother the backside with the epoxy/thixofix mixture. Once the mixture has been applied, press onto the wall, and then with your finger, go along the top edge to smooth out, and the mixture that might have seeped out from being the cove base. After the cove base has been firmly applied to the wall, the cure time will take 7-8 hours with the EasyCove Adhesive and Joint Sealer and 8-10 hours with the epoxy/thixofix mixture.

Pro Tip: If you have any remaining epoxy/thixofix mixture on any part of the walls or floors, you can use Xylene to remove that.



We hope that this article and its paired Youtube video helped shed light on the benefits of EasyCove Wall Base and gave you some tips and tricks to save money on your jobs. If you have any questions regarding EasyCove or any other products we sell, feel free to reach out to one of our epoxy specialists at (954)-799-6359.


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