Floor Scrubbers

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Industrial floor scrubbers are heavy-duty machines created to aid in the floor removal process. These machines are perfect for industrial applications; warehouses, business, schools, etc. Our unmatched selection of power floor removal equipment will meet the needs of any flooring professional. 

Quick View Wet Strip Pad

Wet Strip Floor Scrubbing Pad

The Wet Strip Floor Scrubbing Pad should be used only for the heaviest of chemical stripping jobs. Extremely abrasive and heavy, dense fibers. Best when first and build are sever. Use wet with a Cleaning Pad on VCT Tile.  Size: 5.25” x 10...
Quick View Square Scrub Doodle Scrub

Square Scrub Doodle Floor Scrubber

The Doodle Scrub EBG-9 by Square Scrub is a compact floor scrubbing machine that is ideal for powerful scrubbing, cleaning, polishing and professionally profiling surfaces, including around toilets, bathroom stalls, tight corners and...
Quick View Genie Magic Duel

Genie Magic Duel Floor Scrubber

The Genie Magic Duel Floor Scrubber is a powerful battery operated scrubber designed for most cleaning applications and facility sizes and is primarily used for floor surface cleaning. The advanced flexibility of this machine allows easy and fast...
Quick View NSS Wrangler 1503 AB

NSS Wrangler 1503 AB Floor Scrubbing Machine

$3,506.00 - $4,111.00
With an ergonomic design, incredibly simple operation, and a compact body, this NSS Wrangler 1503 the best value in micro scrubbers. Designed for applications less than 10,000 sq. ft., this NSS Wrangler is perfectly sized for restrooms, convenience...
Quick View Tile & Grout Pad

Tile & Grout Pad For Floor Scrubber

The Tile & Grout Pad For Floor Scrubber is best on grouted tile floors, but can be used very effectively on terrazzo, poured non-slip, concrete and other uneven floors. The new velcro backing reduces friction between the plate and pad. Use wet on...
Quick View NSS Wrangler 2010 AB

NSS Wrangler 2012 AB Floor Scrubber

The NSS Wrangler 2010 AB is the best value in small scrubbers due to its amazing ergnomic design. The Wrangler 2010 AB features a 10-gallon solution tank and an oversized 12-gallon recovery tank, allowing room for foam, helping to protect the vacuum...
Quick View NSS Champ 3329

NSS Champ 3329 Floor Scrubber

The NSS Champ 3329 Floor Scrubber are for those who love the performance characteristics of the Champ 2929 but need to cover larger areas. Its front wheel turns 90 degrees in both directions, unlike most of its competitors, so it needs only 70...