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2022 Residential Epoxy Flooring Guide

2022 Residential Epoxy Flooring Guide

Home upgrades for the long term.

Every year, thousands of homeowners start projects to renovate their home. From flooring resurfacing, to kitchen overhauls, and more. For many of these renovators, epoxy is quickly becoming a premier solution to fill their project's needs. With the help of this article, you can find out how to make your house a home with these residential epoxy flooring ideas!

2022 Residential Epoxy Floor Designs

An image showing a kitchen epoxy flooring and countertop set.

Kitchen & Bathroom Epoxy Floors

Kitchen and bathroom floors are often where you require a solution that is not only easy to clean and sanitary, but also non-slip! Epoxy will fill those needs for you, all while protecting your floors from mold and mildew. Epoxy also comes in a variety of different styles and designs, meaning that you don't have to sacrifice your design vision for your home for all these practical upgrades.

Basement Residential Epoxy Floors

If you're looking for a cost-efficient solution that can protect your basement floors for years to come, epoxy is just the fit for you. Using epoxy as a basement flooring solution is an investment for the long term. It will help protect this highly-practical space from scratches and mold, and you can still go with a unique design!

Patio & Deck Residential Epoxy Floors

Patios and decks can be beautiful spaces to complement your home. With epoxy, you can make your patio and deck floors as practical as they are visually unique. Epoxy's water resistance and traction characteristics make it a perfect flooring solution for your outdoor spaces!

Game Room Epoxy Floors

Game rooms are one of the best places in your home to really show off your creative vision. Epoxy is known as an incredibly strong and durable flooring solution, but its variety of unique styles and designs guarantees that you can show your personality off!

One of the most popular epoxy flooring styles out there is metallic. Not only does it have the inherent practical traits of epoxy, but it's visually unique every time it's installed! Whether you want to have a bright, unique design, or mimic your favorite stone slab, metallic epoxy will fit perfect in your game rooms.

Residential Epoxy Countertops

Epoxy is known for its properties as a flooring solution, but it's a great fit for a number of different renovation project ideas! Epoxy's strength, water-resistance and easy maintenance make it perfect for your countertops.

It's also the perfect alternative to any stone slab you might want for your countertops! With epoxy's variety of designs, you can mimic your preferred slab style, or go with something unique to you. Our article on epoxy as a stone countertop alternative might help inform you on the decision!

Garage & Driveway Residential Epoxy Floor

An image showing a flake garage epoxy floor installed.

Flake epoxy garage flooring has become the ideal garage flooring solution over the past few years. Whether you use your garage for storage or for your car, epoxy's strength and durability can handle it all! Flake epoxy also comes in a variety of colors, so you don't have to sacrifice your creative design for the practical benefits!

You don't have to use flake epoxy in your garage floor, although it's traction and strength benefits make it a perfect fit. Epoxy's variety of styles and designs means that you can choose what works best for your needs!

Start Installing Epoxy Floors Today!

The epoxy flooring industry is a high-demand market, and contractors are always needed! As we've outlined in this article, even residential epoxy flooring is in high-demand. With the help of our team of professionals, you can learn everything you need to know, get certified and start building your career! When you join our 5-day Epoxy Classes program, you will learn:

  1. The process of installing epoxy floors
  2. How to work with repairing, grinding and pouring concrete
  3. Business management, marketing and more!

Build your own future today!


Epoxy flooring is known for its functional utility in industrial and commercial flooring projects, but it's becoming a popular solution for residential renovations, too! Homes require durable, strong floors, often just as much as a commercial office will. And with epoxy, you can still fulfill your creative design vision for your home and bring a unique flavor to your space! Add strength and personality to your home with these great residential epoxy renovation ideas today.

Are you looking to renovate your home with epoxy floors, or even start installing floors yourself as a career? Our technicians at (954) 287-3797 will help you at every step! Our EpoxyETC online store distributes all the resources you might need for your DIY or professional epoxy installation project, and at reasonable rates!


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