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5 Benefits Of Epoxy Flooring (2021)

5 Benefits Of Epoxy Flooring (2021)

In comparison to every other flooring solution on the market; i.e tile, wood planks, marble, or concrete, epoxy flooring is the most durable and versatile substance on the market.

It can occupy any space, regardless of size and shape, and handle the most weighty machines without flaking or cracking. Out of all the benefits epoxy flooring has over its competition, these five stand out over the rest: Durability, Cost Effectiveness, Hypoallergenic, UV Stability, and Stain Resistance.


When it comes to epoxy and its benefits, durability is the foremost thing that comes to mind. Typically, you see epoxy floors in industrial spaces or garages, which in itself speak to the durability of these flooring solutions.

Epoxy floors, when installed correctly by trained professionals, will withstand whatever is thrown at it; from the biggest of machines to constant vehicle traffic. This is possible by the bonding of the epoxy resin to the concrete sub-surface. This bond creates a seamless surface that can handle anything you throw at it.

Cost Effectiveness

Another aspect of epoxy that makes it stand out against the competitor is the surprisingly low cost of installing and maintaining these surfaces.  Epoxy is a very easy flooring solution to install, making the amount of money you spend on labor much less than traditional flooring alternatives.

The most cost effective epoxy solution that most installers offer will be the traditional flake floor (seen below). This solution is most common in garages and automotive spaces due to its incredible durability and traction additives.

An image of a floor with broadcasted vinyl flakes waiting for an epoxy resin topcoat.

This kind of solution typically runs around $5.50 per square foot, with prices fluctuating with how much concrete surface preparation is needed to get the sub-surface in proper condition. If the concrete surface needs to have holes patched, prior coatings removed, or other labor intensive processes, the price per square foot will reflect that.

With other epoxy solutions like solid color, metallic, and glitter, you can expect the price to increase inline with the complexity of the finished product. A multicolor metallic floor is going to cost more than a solid color floor due to the nature that more time, effort, and materials went into the creation of that floor.

Overall, epoxy is incredibly cost effective for the quality and durability that these surfaces provide. It truly is a small investment that will provide you with a quality surface for 20+ years.

Hypoallergenic Properties

Another highlight of  epoxy floors is that they possess incredible hypoallergenic properties. This makes these kinds of floors perfect for kitchens, hospitals, and other areas where sanitation is of the utmost priority.

Because epoxy is seamless, without any cracks or grout lines, there is no place for bacteria to congregate and fester on the surface. Additionally, epoxy does not allow for liquids and spills to seep into the surface, because there are no pores for the substances to get into.

UV Stability

Inherently, epoxy is not UV stable, which means that when left in direct sunlight, the clear surface will begin to yellow. This is not something that indoor applications will need to worry about, since the surface will not be subjected to constant UV rays.

When epoxy is applied to an outdoor surface, i.e. a pool deck, uncovered garage, or a garage that gets lots of sun exposure, it will need to have a polyurethane topcoat applied on top of the epoxy. This additional layer is UV stable which gives it the ability to withstand constant exposure to UV rays. This additional layer will be accompanied by an additional cost, yet it still leaves epoxy less expensive than other traditional flooring solutions.

Stain Resistance

The final benefit that epoxy has over its competitors is its incredible resistance to staining. Although there are other stain resistant surfaces on the market, epoxy is the only one that can withstand constant spills without falter.

With epoxy flooring, there are no pores for the spills to seep into, back to its hypoallergenic properties. Additionally, when epoxy is applied to a concrete surface, it creates an impenetrable coating keeping stains from bonding to the concrete.


We hope that this article sheds light on the benefits of epoxy and how it is the best flooring solution for a wide variety of applications. If you have any questions regarding epoxy flooring or any other products that we sell, feel free to reach out to any of our epoxy specialists at (954)-799-6359.


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