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Dust Control Systems and Why You Need One: Dust Control Tromb 400 (2021)

Dust Control Systems and Why You Need One: Dust Control Tromb 400 (2021)

When deciding on ways to control dust on your job sites, a few options come into mind. These options are usually led by a traditional shop vacuum. These traditional dust mediation systems are unsatisfactory at best. They suck up all of the dust that has fallen, yet in turn, blow it back out into the work environment without the proper filtration to ensure the safety of everyone in the workspace. This can leave the door open for harmful particles to enter the worker's respiratory systems and cause serious problems; something we want to avoid at all costs.

To avoid harmful particles like silica dust, having a dust control system that is equipped with a HEPA filter is extremely important. A HEPA equipped vacuum will be sure to filter 99.98% of all harmful particles that would escape from a different vacuum not equipped with such a filter. This cuts down essentially all possibility of someone on your worksite becoming ill from these harmful byproducts.

Moving away from lower quality shop vacuums and towards systems designed to handle harmful byproducts, the Dust Control Tromb 400 is a perfect solution for professionals everywhere. With its powerful suction abilities and tooling attachments, the Dust Control Tromb 400 is the perfect solution for all construction sites.


The DC Tromb 400 is a compact, highly powerful, 110 volt dust extraction device designed to cater to the needs of industrial contractors. It is designed to cope with the high demands of construction jobs to maintain a clean and healthy working environment. Powerful, robust, effective, and versatile are just a few words to describe how this machine tackles extremely fine dusts and materials created on a construction site by cutting concrete, sanding, grinding, or drilling floors.

Aside from being a powerful dust mediation tool, the DC 400 is able to seamlessly connect to numerous construction tools, like floor grinders, cutting machines, chisel hammers, and saws to ensure and maintain a healthy work environment. This feature alone far outweighs the reasoning for a traditional shop vacuum because it allows for seamless grinding without having to retrace your steps to clean up afterwards. It is all done together, at the same time, in real time; cutting your labor costs in half when compared to a traditional shop vacuum.

Features and Benefits

Compact Design

To be such a powerful machine, the DC Tromb 400 is incredibly compact. This allows you to be able to quickly maneuver the machine around the workspace as well as transport the machine from job site to job site without a major hassle.

Universal Power Source

In addition to this, having a 110 volt power system is a major benefit because it widens the amount of job sites you can use this machine in. Most industrial vacuum systems require a higher voltage power source which limits the amount of jobs you can use the machine on.

Self-Cleaning Filter

The DC 400 is equipped with a patented, self-cleaning filter that allows you to keep working longer. When it is time to clean the filter, the DC 400 will illuminate a LED signal lamp notifying you that it is time to clean the filter. This self-cleaning filter system will elongate the life of your machine as well as keep the air cleaner with less contaminants.

Lockable Wheels

When faced with an uneven work environment, machines are subject to rolling and not staying in one place. With the DC 400, that problem will be eliminated with locking wheels that secure the machine in place. This allows professionals to work in less than perfect conditions. In addition to the lockable functionality, the wheels of the DC 400 are puncture proof and made from non marking material. This wheel material will keep the weighty machine from leaving any marks or blemishes on the surface. This is especially important when working with epoxy or other coatings.

Why Do You Need One?

In short, having a strong dust mediation system is the keystone of a smooth running operation. It keeps the workplace clean, sanitary, and free of harmful contaminants. More importantly, when working as a construction professional on high-profile jobs, it is mandated to vacuum with machines that are equipped with a HEPA filter. The DC 400 fits every mandate and will keep you out of trouble!


Any way that you look at it, the DC 400 is a perfect addition to any professional toolkit. It keeps the workplace clean and sanitary, all while not breaking the bank. If you have any questions regarding the Dust Control Tromb 400 or any of our other grinding solutions, feel free to call any of our epoxy specialists at (954)-799-6359.


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