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How To Prevent Epoxy Floors From Peeling (2021)

How To Prevent Epoxy Floors From Peeling (2021)

Some people complain about their roll-on epoxy floor coating peeling over time, especially in the garage. This is usually because some preparation steps were skipped before applying the epoxy, and therefore the resin did not properly bond with the flooring substrate. Fortunately, there are some simple ways you can prevent epoxy from peeling.

Here are common problems that cause epoxy floors to peel:

Sealed Substrate

If the substrate had some kind of sealant on it you did not remove, then epoxy is not able to properly bond with the surface. If you think your flooring has a sealant on it, be sure to sand the floor down to remove the sealant and make the floor ready for the epoxy. For concrete, it is beneficial to use a floor grinder to grind the concrete. This is even if the concrete is brand new. This gives the epoxy more to bind to and helps ensure it does not peel.

Moisture Issues

Since epoxy cures very hard, there is no way for moisture from the substrate to escape. This can cause a buildup of pressure and cause your epoxy to peel. Before installing epoxy, be sure to run a moisture test on your concrete. If you have leakage issues somewhere, you need to address them. It is also always good practice to use an epoxy primer to help mitigate issues with moisture.

Oil Stains and Other Contaminants

If you have spilled oil or other items on your floor, then they can cause the epoxy to not properly adhere. In order to take care of this issue on concrete, you need to pressure wash the floor. Pressure washing and using a floor grinder on the floor should be enough to remove any residue that would prevent proper bonding.

Old Concrete

Over time, the top of your concrete can begin to crack and chip. This can be caused by moisture on the surface when the concrete was curing. This is usually a very fine layer just at the top. Once again, the floor grinder comes to the rescue. Grind this top layer off, so it does not negatively affect your epoxy coating.


In this article, we hope that we shed light on the questions and concerns that you may have regarding epoxy flooring and how to keep it from peeling. If you have any other questions about any other areas of epoxy, feel free to reach out to one of our specialists at (954)-799-6359.


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