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Nightmares For Epoxy Contractors (2021)

Nightmares For Epoxy Contractors (2021)

When it comes to being an epoxy flooring contractor, or any kind of contractor, it is important to be aware of the mishaps that can be detrimental to your epoxy floor. From water damage to heavy machinery on the floor too soon, there are a million ways to ruin a floor before it is complete. This article hopes to shed some light on those ways and help avoid them on your own jobs.

Water Damage

One of the biggest issues that could plague an epoxy installation is water damage. Although epoxy is fully water-resistant once it has fully cured, it can be susceptible to significant water damage before it is completely cured. When working in any space with epoxy, it is crucial to ask the owner, or check on your own, if there is any damage in the roofing where it would cause water to drip onto the surface during application.

If there is any visible damage or damage verbalized by the owner, it is important to halt the application process totally so any product is not destroyed and no money is wasted. If you proceed with the application process and water happens to fall onto the surface before the epoxy has cured completely, you will have wasted hours of work and potentially thousands of dollars worth of materials.

Excessive Weight Too Soon

Another detrimental problem that you can face as an epoxy contractor is bringing extreme weight onto the floor too soon. Like being stain and water-resistant after being fully cured, epoxy is extremely durable against extreme weight. Yet, if heavy machinery is brought on the floor too quickly after application, there will be major indentations left on the surface that will require the floor to be redone completely.

Once you let the epoxy fully cure, it will be able to withstand any machinery that you want to put on top of it. Be sure to let the construction manager and/or homeowner know that everyone must stay off the surface until the epoxy has fully cured. Having proper communication with the construction manager is critical to keeping the floors in perfect condition until they have fully cured.

Scratches and Damages

Like having excessive weight on the surface too soon, bringing machines that may scratch the surface is a nightmare that can be easily avoided. Be sure to coordinate with the construction manager and/or homeowner to ensure that no one brings anything onto the surface that can scratch it before it has been fully cured. Additionally, it is important to know that epoxy is scratch-resistant after it has cured, yet it is not scratch-proof. Keeping that in mind will only elongate the life of your floor.


Over the course of an epoxy installation job, there are numerous situations where the epoxy floor could be susceptible to damages. It is imperative to keep open communication between yourself and other contractors on the job to keep the epoxy surface in the best possible condition.

If you have any questions regarding epoxy installations or the techniques needed to keep them in pristine condition, feel free to contact any of our specialists at (954)-799-6359.


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