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Learn About Epoxy Resin With Our Blogs

An epoxy resin contractor installing a flake epoxy resin garage floor in a residential space.

Epoxy vs. Concrete: Which is Best for Garage Floors?

Discover the best garage flooring solution for your project - epoxy vs. concrete. Essential insights for contractors & homeowners!
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A large industrial-grade concrete flooring grinder sanding a concrete surface for epoxy resin installation.

Perfect Concrete Grinding: Your Guide to Diamond Tools

Contractors, grind smarter, not harder! Discover the secrets of efficient concrete grinding with our guide. Elevate your projects with precision tools.
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Contractors-in-training learn how to install different epoxy resin designs and styles.

Why Flooring Contractors Should Get Their Epoxy Resin Certification

Seize success in flooring! Take an epoxy resin certification course, dive into hands-on skills, and become the go-to contractor in epoxy resin flooring.
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An epoxy resin contractor polishing a new floor with safety precautions.

How to Safely Work with Epoxy Resin

Master epoxy safety for safer jobsites! Learn how to stay safe from epoxy veterans. Don't just deliver quality floors, build them safely!
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Flooring contractor troubleshooting epoxy resin air bubbles with a blow torch on an epoxy floor.

How to Troubleshoot Common Epoxy Resin Issues

Tackle epoxy problems like a pro. Troubleshooting guide for perfect floors. Join us for expert training!
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A large industrial warehouse floor with an epoxy flooring system & moisture seal installed.

Conquer Concrete Moisture: A Practical Guide

Unlock the secrets of concrete moisture to achieve perfect epoxy floors! Dive into moisture testing, sources, and conquer challenges with expert strategies. Pros & DIYers, improve your trade!
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A contractor operating a floor grinder to get the best mechanical surface preparation out of concrete for an epoxy flooring installation.

Advanced Surface Preparation: Embrace Safer and More Efficient Methods

Upgrade your epoxy flooring prep: ditch acid etching, embrace mechanical preparation! Prep with stronger, safer, eco-friendly solutions now.
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