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How To Coat Wood Surfaces With Epoxy Resin

How To Coat Wood Surfaces With Epoxy Resin

An easy, long term improvement for your wood surface.

There are many benefits to using epoxy for wood surfaces, but what's even more interesting is that it can be used in smaller projects like tables, countertops, and trinkets! By now, everyone knows how great epoxy works as a concrete coating. Epoxy works just as well for a variety of other surfaces, though, like wood. In this article, we'll go over the benefits of an epoxy coating for wood, and even how to do it yourself!

Concrete Epoxy Coatings vs. Wood Epoxy Coatings

A common question that arises in regards with epoxy coatings is how it interacts with different surfaces. While epoxy is strong no matter where it's applied, there are differences between surfaces.

First, epoxy is much easier to apply on wood than concrete. The surface of a porous surface allows for better adhesion, while non-porous materials typically require more effort (like acid etching) before they can be finished properly. There are also different finishes available depending on the surface—matte finishes look great on wood!

How to Coat Wood with Epoxy Resin

An image of a DIY installer applying epoxy coatings for wood.

Achieving the perfect finish for your next project doesn't have to be hard. With these simple steps, you can get an epoxy coat on any type of wood surface – even if you're just doing beginner DIY renovations!

  • 1 Preparing your wood for epoxy coating by sanding it down is crucial to ensure that the product bonds well with it. You may also want to apply a base coat of primer before moving on, which will help protect against future scratches and scuffs from occurring.
  • 2 Mixing your epoxy coating is a crucial step in the process. The instructions for mixing will vary depending on what product you use. It's important that they are followed precisely so that you don't have poorly mixed chemicals or an uneven coating. The EpoxyETC UV stable polyurethane topcoat solution is perfect for your DIY needs.
  • 3 The first coat of epoxy resin should be applied with a brush or roller to even out any bumps in the surface. Once fully dried, you can move on to additional coats and use tools, such as heat, that help pop bubbles for better results! Make sure any surface under your wood are not exposed to the epoxy resin dripping.
  • During and after the installation process, you can add other decorative details such as inlays. Some decorations, like glitter, are added before curing takes place, so make sure to plan ahead!
  • 5 Let the epoxy coating sit for roughly 24 hours (or however long your resin kit requires). Once it's fully cured, you should have a beautiful new epoxy surface coating!

The Benefits of Coating Wood With Epoxy Resin

High quality wood is built to withstand the wear and tear that comes with everyday use. But if you want a strong wood surface without replacing the entire fixture, epoxy works for you. Epoxy resin is especially perfect for tables and countertops, as our recent article explains.

The durability of epoxy coatings makes them perfect for protecting wooden decks and outdoor furniture from the elements. Epoxy is more resistant than paints or varnishes to harsh exposure like rainstorms, or spills. It also acts as a great moisture barrier, so you can keep your wood surface healthy!

Coat Any Surfaces With Epoxy, Professionally

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Epoxy coatings are a great choice for protecting wooden surfaces from wear and tear, as well creating unique finishes that will enhance the look of your home. You might choose to DIY, or you might trust a professional installer - either way, you won't go wrong with epoxy resin coatings!

For any DIY epoxy installation questions, or for professional guidance on the job, our veteran technicians are here for you at (954) 287-3797! The EpoxyETC online store is a perfect resource for any contractor who needs high quality supplies at competitive rates.


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