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Five Easy Tips for Epoxy Contractors

Five Easy Tips for Epoxy Contractors

Improve your results, and your business.

The use of epoxy in the flooring industry is increasing, and it's because this adhesive has many benefits for professionals. It can be used on its own to make beautiful floors, countertops and more. And it's an industry that's only growing in demand every year! In order to get the best results from your epoxy, we're giving you some simple tips to not only improve your results, but also your business.

Having trouble using epoxy? The professionals have got your back! Keep these helpful tips in mind to get the most out of this amazing product.

5 Easy Tips to Improve Your Epoxy Business

An image of an unfinished garage epoxy floor ready for installation.

Get Properly Equipped For An Epoxy Job

You should always wear protective equipment such as gloves, goggles and a respirator mask when doing any kind of installation. For the best results, you need to have all the right supplies. These include resources like a job-appropriate high quality resin, mixers & buckets, proper application tools, spiked shoes and more.

The EpoxyETC online store distributes many of the tools, from starter kits to professional resources, so check in and see if you can get what you need!

Thoroughly Prepare Your Surfaces

The final success of an epoxy floor often comes down to how thoroughly the surface it's installed in is prepared. Overall, surface preparation may be the most neglected aspect of an installation. But it's also one of the most critical steps, so don't overlook it!

The final epoxy coat will only stick properly to smooth, even surfaces. If you have any rough or uneven areas on your flooring, then it's best that they are ground down before application of the resin. These imperfections can cause the failure of bonds between the surface material and epoxy. It's equally important, also, to gently clean the surface exhaustively.

Properly Ratio & Mix Epoxy Components

Measuring out the perfect amount of resin and hardener is essential when working with epoxy. If you don't measure exactly, your project will come up short in some way—either too little or extra of one part or another—and it can have negative consequences on how well it sets up!

Mixing epoxy is very critical, especially if you want your epoxy to be durable for the long term. Strong resins that don't end up with air bubbles or premature curing rely on a proper ratio and mix of your components. It's critical not only to measure out and ratio according to your resin's instructions, but also to carefully, and thoroughly, mix the components together before applying the resin.

Patience is a Virtue With Epoxy Floors

Patience is a virtue when working with epoxy. From patiently waiting for your preparation to be done properly and efficiently, or having the patience necessary while applying resin on site; it's critical that you're not rushed during any of these processes if we want our projects completed correctly!

Epoxy, depending on the resin you use, can take anywhere from 8-24 hours to dry. If your job requires multiple coats or layers, then remember that it's going to be a few days before they are fully cured. So keep this in mind when scheduling jobs! Epoxies sometimes need even up until 72+hour periods for a complete cure, which means that you need to take all the necessary precautions to ensure nothing threatens its integrity during that time.

Start Installing Garage Epoxy Floors

Flake epoxy garage floors, overall, are one of the most in-demand epoxy jobs available on the market. When you're just starting out, it can be hard to find a profitable project that will also reinforce good installation skills. A flake garage epoxy job is perfect for newcomers, especially because of its low investment and easy profit margin!

The garage is a great place to practice your skills. Garage epoxy flooring jobs will help you become more familiar with working epoxy resin, as well as how to apply multiple layers of resin. You can even DIY install epoxy into your own garage if you want some extra experience before going out into the market.

Get Certified to Install Epoxy!

An image of an epoxy certification course.

It's been proven time and time again that hands-on, professional guidance is the best way to learn new skills. EpoxyClasses' 5-day Epoxy Classes certification course gives you all the tools, professional guidance and training you need! Epoxy Classes are designed to teach you what you need to know as thoroughly and quickly as possible! Getting certified to install epoxy is a perfect way to make a head start in becoming successful in this growing industry.

Join the growing list of certified contractors building a path in this career!


Epoxy flooring contracting may seem like a daunting task, but with these five simple tips you'll start to lay the groundwork to achieve professional-grade results quickly. So don't wait any longer! Get started today, and take your first steps into an exciting career as a contractor or epoxy installer.

Do you need help navigating the epoxy flooring industry? Our technicians are only a phone call away at (954) 287-3797! Whether you need a DIY starter kit, or a large industrial grinder, the EpoxyETC online store will distribute it at competitive rates.


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