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Which Epoxy Solution Is Best For Me? (2021)

Which Epoxy Solution Is Best For Me? (2021)

This is the most stressful question that potential buyers have to wrestle with when deciding how to proceed with their flooring solution. With so many different options available with epoxy flooring, we want to break down the best solutions for any scenario.

Why Should I Choose Epoxy Flooring Anyway?

Before understanding which epoxy solution is best suited for your scenario, we need to explain exactly why epoxy flooring will be the best solution.

Epoxy flooring is one of the most durable and lasting flooring materials on the market. It is crafted to be extremely durable in warehouse applications, yet beautiful and seamless in interior applications. It is the most versatile flooring substance that allows for incredibly intricate designs that are both beautiful and practical.

In addition to its incredible beauty and versatility, epoxy flooring will withstand anything you throw at it and outlast traditional flooring methods by years! This flooring solution makes it incredibly simple to clean spills and messes, both household and commercial. Oil spills clean easily and will not seep into the surface and cause any kind of staining.

Flake Epoxy System

An image of vinyl flakes ready for a flake epoxy resin flooring installation.

Now that we know why an epoxy floor is the best option, we can discuss the pros and cons of the variety of epoxy systems available. On the most basic level, the flake epoxy system is the most simple and effective way to cover your surface with epoxy.

A flake system is created by installing a base layer of epoxy to the surface and then broadcasting a full coat of flakes, at 100% coverage, into the epoxy. Some flake floors are created at less than 100% coverage, leading to a less-than-ideal surface. Ideally, you want to cover the entire surface with flakes which gives the floor a consistent appearance and slip resistance.

Overall, the flake system is the best option for garages, warehouses, and commercial spaces that will be subjected to heavy machinery and spills. It is extremely durable and makes cleaning up these spills much easier than other flooring alternatives.

Metallic Epoxy System

An image of a metallic epoxy resin flooring slab.

Moving away from a traditional flake system, a metallic epoxy system is an amazing way to transform any room into a true work of art. Metallic epoxy is crafted by taking metallic pigments, mixing them with the epoxy resin, and spreading them intricately on top of the concrete surface. This style of floor is usually crafted in a free-style motion, allowing for the epoxy to move naturally and create a stunning effect.

An epoxy floor that is done in a metallic finish will be a bit more slippery when wet, compared to a flake epoxy floor. With a flake floor, the non-slip additives will keep the floor from being too slippery when wet. Since a metallic finish epoxy floor does not have those non-slip additives, the floor will be a bit more slippery when wet.

Aside from it being more prone to slips when wet, a metallic epoxy floor is just as durable as it’s counterparts. It is crafted with the same 100% solids epoxy which brings unmatched durability and longevity.

Solid Epoxy System

An image of a solid color epoxy resin flooring system.

The final system that epoxy can be applied in is a solid system. A solid epoxy system is a single color system that gives an incredibly smooth looking finish. These types of floors are perfect for home interiors as well as commercial spaces.

Additionally, with all epoxy systems, the floor will be a single seamless layer of epoxy. You will not see any seam lines or discrepancies in the finish. This is a major benefit to larger spaces because it will allow for a less time consuming application process and a smoother finish.

Solid epoxy floors will transform any room, both residential and commercial, into an unforgettable masterpiece. With an incredible selection of colors to choose from, the possibilities for your floor is endless. For commercial spaces, off-colored safety lines can be placed into the surface to guide workers and patrons to safety.

Which Is Best For Me?

The answer to this question comes down to what exactly you want the purpose of your floor to serve. For interior applications where looks are the foremost priority, a metallic or solid epoxy system is the best option.

For garage applications that need added slip protection, a flake system is your best choice. For garages where looks are an important factor, a solid epoxy floor or a custom flake color are your best solutions.

For warehouses and distribution facilities, a flake system will be the best option to handle heavy machinery and make spills an easy clean up.

For commercial spaces, the options are essentially endless. Any kind of epoxy flooring will be suitable for a commercial space. It all comes down to the look and feel that you are wanting to accomplish. A metallic system will give a very impressive look while remaining functional. A solid epoxy solution will be less dramatic, more simple, but still as functional. A flake floor will be extremely functional and slip resistant, but has the most simple design.


Overall, with any solution that you choose, an epoxy floor will perform outstanding in any condition that you put it in. We hope that this article has shed some light on the differences between solutions and will help make your decision making process easier.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us and one of our epoxy specialists will be happy to answer all your questions. To speak with a specialist, call (954)-799-6359.


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